Gor is a book series by author John Norman, started in 1966 and still publishing today. The books are a vehicle for presenting an honor-based, patriarchal, philosophical worldview that has been embraced by thousands of people around the world. Those who follow a Gorean philosophy are called “Goreans.”

The entire series is currently in print, and available from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, or your other favorite book-seller in dead-tree, ebook, and often audiobook format. (Older editions are readily available on eBay for those who prefer classic versions.)

Those who identify as Goreans are a highly misunderstood group, often even by each other. The goal of this site is to provide a reasonably objective, academic explanation of Gor and the Gorean community. Its intent is not to evangelize but to educate.

As many of the topics discussed herein are of an adult and sexual nature, it should be considered an adults-only site. There is not “adult content” (no nudie pics here, folks), but the topics discussed are for adults.

If after reading these pages you wish to converse with Goreans in a Gor-friendly setting, there is a Gorean Scribe Discord channel available.